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Queries Execution

Execute SQL queries on your Ignite caches.

You can connect your Ignite cluster with the Web Console and run SQL queries on it. You can also view the execution plan, in-memory schema, and streaming charts for your cluster.

Ignite supports free-form SQL queries without any limitations. The SQL syntax is ANSI-99 compliant which means that you can use any SQL function, aggregation, grouping or join. You can create and execute any number of queries on the same page and the results can be viewed in tabular form or graphs.

Here is the query result as a pie chart:

Ignite Web Console Demo

You can use Ignite Web Console's demo mode to explore and evaluate its various features. Note that Ignite Web Console can be deployed locally on your system environment. However, for convenience purposes, you can try an already deployed instance of Ignite Web Console.